A Place Time is Beginning to Forget

In 2020 adventures have become less adventurous. Perhaps in the future we will regale the youth of the day with tales of waiting in line for … A Place Time is Beginning to Forget

You’re Going Where? And You’re Going Now?

We have been good soldiers and quarantining like we should, only going out for groceries once a week, and sheltering in place. We did our part to flatten the curve, but life carries on.

Finding Zihuatanejo in the Time of It

We frequently just call it…It. As in thirty more people got It yesterday. We know what It is. We don’t need to explain it. It has put an end to … Finding Zihuatanejo in the Time of It

Montreal: A City That Defines a Country

Montreal is one of the cities I have stayed in longer than most in my predominantly nomadic life. I spent the better part of two years in the city, … Montreal: A City That Defines a Country

Being an Eco Friendly Traveller

Whether you choose to believe the overwhelming majority of scientists or not, the worst thing that can happen as a result of being better environmental stewards is a cleaner, healthier world to see more of as a traveller. As travellers we have both a vested interest and a responsibility to take care of this world….

A New Project

It has been a while. Since I have last posted here, I have been busy. Busy working, busy with other projects, and busy with travelling. Eight countries and 4 Canadian provinces busy. Madeira I have also been contemplating this blog and my vision for it. I have decided that moving forward this blog will strictly…

Trondheim, Norway: Norway’s Historic Capital

Over the last year, I have had the opportunity to travel a lot for work. As a family man it is not something I really desire or embrace, but it is a reality. Another reality is that when travelling for work, one does not get to pick where the work is and one can find…

My Newest Hobby That is Sort of Travel Related

I would suggest today’s topic is adjacent to travelling especially if you like to take notes on your experiences or keep a journal. This post will be a bit self indulgent and not hardcore travel. If you can’t get past that, come back next week. The older I get, the stranger my hobbies and activities…

My Memories of Notre Dame

Seeing that Notre Dame was on fire in my reddit feed was a shot to the heart. I assumed it would be a small, largely inconsequential fire. Unfortunately I quickly also saw photos and video of the fire and realized that was not the case. While the fire is still burning, it does not look…

Bad Dürkheim: An Afternoon in German Wine Country

Sometimes rewarding traveling experiences find us in the strangest ways. As the immortal philosopher Steven Tyler once said “Life’s a journey, not a destination.” On a recent business trip to Germany,my team wrapped up early one afternoon and were in search of something to do. I was feeling less than adventurous as I had been…