Finding Family Friendly Holiday Accommodations

How to find an affordable place to sleep for a family of five.


How Not To Fly With Babies (Sarcasm Alert!)

A sarcastic look at some internet hacks on flying with kids.

Random Art in Paris

Finding random street art in Europe is one of the coolest things you can stumble across.

Trajan’s Column

No new blog post today. New blog post coming tomorrow with an itinerary for a day full of education and outdoor fun in London. Here is a random photo of Trajan’s Column in Rome to tide you over. Spiralling around the tower is a tale of Emperor Trajan’s victory in the Dacian Wars. Wishing you all…

4 Cheap Travel Accessories for Parents

A day spent traveling with your little imps will be a series of fluid events and in addition to taking care of their needs, you will need to be comfortable and happy as well.