5 Items Not to Bring When Travelling With Babies (Sarcasm Alert!!!)

Tai Luggage FinalIs baggage free on airlines suddenly? Will your flight land to find only a Mad Max-esque post-apocalyptic nightmare? Do you intend on hiring a sherpa at your destination?

My reason for starting this blog was to try and write about the practical realities of travelling with babies and kids because I realized there was a lack of quality advice on the topic. A lot people have written about travelling with babies but those people seem to have unlimited budgets, could take unlimited luggage, or seem to live in a reality very different from mine.

Here a five items I have seen in actual articles, blogs, videos, etc. that just don’t jive with common sense, won’t work if you are on a budget, or are just unnecessary.

Crib Bumpers: Did luggage just become free on airlines? Do you want to haul that stuff around then take the time after a long travel day to set it up and break it down? Crib bumpers are rather cumbersome and absolutely unnecessary with a travel cot. If you are staying somewhere with an actual crib, which seems unlikely, I am certain that your precious angel will survive a couple days without crib bumpers.

Baby Bath or Tub Seat: Again, is luggage free on planes and again and do you want to hump it across Europe, or anywhere else for that matter? Since the dawn of humanity, parents washed babies without a tub seat. I am certain you are all smart enough to sort something out if need be. We once covered a drain with a plastic shopping bag and hosed the babies down in an inch of water in the bottom of a shower stall. (Note: We usually try and get a bathtub, but in some places in Europe, it can be tough.)

Baby Ear Defenders: The basis of this is that planes can be loud places and announcements can wake babies. (As if real babies actually sleep when you want them to on flights…mine usually fall asleep 15 minutes before landing.) In theory it is a fine idea, but maybe it is just me, but would anyone else’s kid keep those on their head for more than 15 seconds?

Lots of Extra Sun Hats: When we travel, we generally carry our twins on our backs in carriers and we don’t always notice them take a hat or shoes off and chuck them. It happens. Heck, even if your little ones are in a stroller right in front of you they may lose things. I frequently don’t put shoes on my twins when they won’t be getting out of the stroller because I am tired of them taking them off and throwing them into bushes. However, in most countries they have these places called stores where you can buy things in exchange for money. We pack for the best case scenario.

3 Days of Emergency Food: Take snacks, don’t take groceries. You can afford food on your holiday right? If not, don’t fly somewhere, stay home and buy food. If you can, buy some food at some point for kids/babies. What will happen to you that you won’t have access to food for 3 days? If something that catastrophic happens on your flight, you will likely be separated from your dozen or so pieces of luggage that you using to tote your groceries.


Have you ever seen anything on an advice list that just made you roll your eyes? Do you think I am crazy and you take some of the items above? Share your experiences in the comments section.

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