A Philosophy on Family Travel Planning 

image.jpegI once worked for a man that would say having a good plan is key so you have something to deviate from. Taking the time to do your research can set you up for success and help you recognize opportunities as they arise.

Research and Plan

The last thing you want on a holiday are bored or disappointed children. If you visit the Eiffel Tower for example, it is not uncommon to see 4 hour lines. Do you want to wait in a four hour line with your kids? Proper research will let you buy tickets in advance to most attractions and in some cases even book entry times.

Include Free Time in the Plan

Travelling with kids takes extra time. If you and your partner once saw all of Italy in 5 days, that is great, but that won’t work with kids. Plan to move at a kids pace and understand they will not be able to maintain a 12 hour a day schedule for days on end.

Deviate from rhe Plan

Europe has a lot to offer but after visiting three museums in three days, even the most determined child will get worn down from time to time. Know your kids and when things look like they are heading south, go to a playground, ride a carousel, watch some buskers, get some gelato and move on. Our seven year old loves museums and history, but we tried the British Museum and it was packed, hot, and full of tourists with different ideas of personal space. We missed the Elgin Marbles and the Rosetta Stone, but ice cream, toy shopping at Hamley’s, and playing in a fountain created a great memory as well.

Abandon the Plan

Your hypothetical agenda includes a walk around the historical Plaka neighbourhood in Athens, but the tour company down the street from your rental flat is offering day cruises to the island of Hydra at what you think is a great deal. Be adventurous! Some of our most enjoyable experiences have come from getting off the original plan, but at least we knew what we had to cut out of the plan.

Traveling with kids can be a challenge, but if you do your research, and have a plan to deviate from if necessary, you will create memories that will last a lifetime.

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    1. Thanks! Always appreciate the feedback.

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  1. these are awesome suggestions… and “right on the money.”


    1. Thanks! Glad it was helpful.


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