Why I Blog – A Tale of Humility

A quick note about the blog I just published and shared…


It was an article I wrote for a publication aimed at Canadian families relocating to Europe. I had not written anything other than memos and letters for work in about 13 years ever since trying to make it as a freelance writer for about a year after school with no success.

I knew it wasn’t the greatest in literature, but was happy with the result. I was exited for the opportunity and it rekindled in me a passion that I thought was long gone. It was also the beginning of the start of a personal undertaking for me.

I started this blog.

Not for financial success or acclaim, just to maybe help a couple people along the way and be able to do something I enjoyed. Starting to make public, things I was writing was both humbling and terrifying. For a shy person like myself, putting anything on the line is a huge risk.

A few days ago, I received the e-version of the publication that was to contain my article. It was a moment of elation and excitement. That was until I realized that my brief 400 words were not in there. To say I was frustrated would be an understatement. They did not even tell me it would no longer be appearing. A lesson in humility I suppose.

I am no worse for wear though and plan to continue my writing for as long as I enjoy doing it. That is actually a happy, though anticlimactic, ending to the story.

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