Where We Are Heading and Where We Have Been

As of later this week, we shall become an inn for wayward friends and family and de facto tour guides of London, and the U.K. We will also be traveling to France twice this summer, once to the Normandy region, and once to Paris and its outskirts. As such we will have a lot of destination specific content upcoming on France and the U.K.

Articles that are in the works for this week include how we manage picky eaters and challenging mealtimes specifically breakfast, an idea for a satisfying and cheap rest day during a vacation to London, picking travel accessories for the parents, and a couple travel accessories for babies that we have found immeasurably helpful.

In case you missed it, this week we posted about family travel planninga tale about odd things that may happen in the course of your travels, and taking your kids/babies on European public transit.

If anyone has any specific questions or requests put them in the comments below.

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Please share, like, tweet, and comment etc.

As always, thanks for the support and hope everyone has enjoyable and safe travels.

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