A Day in London for Foodies…With Kids

We don’t obsess about it, but my wife and I like food and eating adventurously. As for our kids, we can usually talk them into trying new things, especially when we are travelling. Sometimes it is out of a sense of adventure, other times out of a sense of necessity. That being said, their normal go to meals are pizza, burgers, and pasta. So how do we get our fix? As a smaller part of an overall plan that doesn’t make them feel like it is something they are being forced to do.

One of our favourite London itineraries involves incorporating foodie paradise Borough Market into a day that has a little something for everyone. All the distances are very manageable with no longer than about a 15 minute walk. I will present it in our recommended order but feel free to mix it up to fit your needs. I’ll also give a couple alternatives that can be mixed in based on what may or may not interest your family.

Southwark Cathedral

Southwark Cathedral

We are not religious, far from it in fact, but we enjoy the architecture and opportunity to view art in situ so we often visit European churches. This was the first Gothic cathedral in England and offers a wonderful example of architecture, history, an a varied array of beautiful stained glass to see. Plan on visiting for about an hour to satisfy any art connoisseur in the morning before moving on to more exotic fare.

Borough Market

Borough Market

Borough Market is next to the Southwark Cathedral and offers an excellent chance to wander about and have some samples, a snack, or some early lunch.


You will most certainly find something for everyone whether it be fine cheeses, French macaroons, German pretzels, Egyptian street food, or a quintessentially British cold Pimms to sip along the way. It is eclectic with lots to smell, see, and taste. With samples at every stall, even the pickiest kids will find a couple new things to try.



Tower Bridge

Tower Bridge

Get ready for the 15 minute walk I mentioned earlier because it is time to head over to the North bank via London Bridge. Stop along the way for the best photo opportunity you are likely to get of Tower Bridge, one of the most photographed sites in London.

Tower of London

Inside the Tower of London

The Tower of London is a great way to pass the remainder of your day. The tours are free and give a sense of history to everyone or you can choose to go it alone. Whether you want to see the crown jewels, medieval torture devices, or a reenactment of the Battle of Agincourt, you can spend hours here and it will entertain all members of the family. There are also a couple different food service locations for surprisingly reasonably priced, and descent snacks or meals.

Battle of Agincourt


HMS Belfast

If perhaps the Tower of London is not your thing, try HMS Belfast along the South bank. This warship serves as museum today, but was active during WWII, the Korean Conflict, and during the Cold War. For the military or naval buffs, it is an excellent way to pass the afternoon and provides an engaging sense of the past to the little imps you have under tow.

The Shard and South Bank

The Shard is London’s tallest building and an iconic example of modern London. I offer it as a possibility because the view is spectacular, if going to the top of tall buildings is something you enjoy. Be aware however, it is also about £30pp, so it’s not cheap.

The Rundown

Art, architecture, history, iconic landmarks, and great food all wrapped up in one eclectic day you can work into your family’s trip to London. To check out a more relaxing day in London or get some advice on constructing your own daily itineraries for you next family holiday, click the links below.

Recharging Batteries: A Relaxing Family Day in London

Building Daily Itineraries for Family Travel

Wishing everyone enjoyable and safe travels.


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