Branding and Growth, Day One: Set Three Goals

Hockey_NetAs part of an attempt to both focus my blog and identify ways to grow my readership and influence, I am starting on a program focussed on branding and growth.

I have always hated goal setting because it always seems to lead to work. As I am relatively new to this and would like to progress as a writer, who need readers, I suppose a little bit of work is a necessary evil.

Without further ado…

Goal #1– Write a minimum of two articles every week, including on #TravelTuesday, and post a minimum of one photo per week.

Goal #2– Spend at least one hour per week reading and interacting with other travel bloggers, both for reference and networking opportunities.

Goal #3– Begin to add travel VLOGs the next time we are travelling to alleviate the need to write and edit while on the road with kids. This will also serve as an opportunity to start my YouTube channel as well.

Let the work begin.

5 Comments Add yours

  1. Those sound like amazing goals! Have fun and all the best tackling them!

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    1. Thanks for the support! Looking forward to the challenge.

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  2. FarmerFi says:

    I made my first video recently. Was terrified at the concept but was actually a lot of fun!


    1. I have tried a couple…just need to develop an actual personality 😉

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      1. FarmerFi says:

        It’s really hard to let one’s natural personality shine through! Or at least it is for me…


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