NCD: New Camera Day…Help!!!

cameraToday I am not writing about a cool family adventure we had, some brilliant advice, or sharing my philosophies on family travel.

Today, I received my new camera in the mail. I have not had a real camera in at least 15 years, and that was not nearly as powerful and useful as the camera in my iPhone today. As I have never really owned a real camera, I would like to reach out to the community of people kind enough to read my work and ask for some assistance. Basically what I want to know is what your experience is with taking/editing photos and videos. Anything you can share would be fantastic! How did you learn to take pictures or video? Are there any resources you would recommend? How do you approach your photography differently with a camera than with your phone? What accessories are must haves?

For those wondering, the camera is a Ricoh Pentax K-S2, an entry level DSLR. The reason I choose this is quite simple, it was free! I had been looking for a way to use my expiring Air Miles and finally settled on a camera. I hope to be able to capture images, particularly at a wider angle than my phone allows while we are traveling. I have felt for a while, and perhaps (probably) it is a lack of artistic vision on my part, why I cannot seem to capture the object and its setting together. Essentially, when I get further away, I lose the detail I was hoping for, and when I get closer, I am not able to get enough into the frame to properly establish a complete scene. Hopefully that made sense.

As the camera was essentially free, I have little to lose. Hopefully the new camera, and my interest in learning some more photographic techniques pays off and I can start getting some shots that I see in my mind but can never seem to create in a photo. If it doesn’t, I guess I can sell the camera to fund something more practical…like whiskey and electric guitars. \m/

Please leave comments below.

Happy and safe travels.


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  1. The Tale Light Trekkers says:

    Sweet! Congrats! Sorry… I am no help at all though. We just had a canon eos rebel 5 and I have no clue had to work it.. But like you, we also got a great deal. Well, cheers to us learning old sport!

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  2. A good editing program that is free is called Gimp 2. It’s fairly easy to navigate and you can make some awesome creations with it. I have a few tutorials on my blog if you need help. Also YouTube is a great resource for learning the program. Happy shooting! And congrats on the new camera!

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