A Family Friendly Berlin City Break

Berlin is an excellent family destination because of the unique mix between twentieth century history, intriguing architecture, and world class museums. Berlin in addition to these, also has exceptional green spaces, playgrounds, and child friendly attractions. Berlin’s restaurants were also, surprisingly exceptionally family friendly, in comparison to other cities we have visited in general.

What Makes Berlin Baby Friendly

We have always found that when travelling with our twins, who just turned two when we visited Berlin, the small details are what set apart a successful trip or destination from a less successful one. One big thing that set Berlin apart, in fact this applies to all of Germany as well, was that the public transit stations almost always had a ramp or lift for strollers. Contrast this with London’s Underground which have but a few accessible stations and can be frustrating to navigate with a stroller.

img_2423Another big advantage we discovered were that all the restaurants we visited had proper high chairs, complete with straps. Few things are more frustrating for us than a restaurant that has high chairs that are in poor repair or are missing straps since this almost defeats the purpose of using a high chair. We actually visited a restaurant in another city where the high chair my son had been in was in such a poor state, it collapsed as we were taking him out. Also see: Should You Take Your Kids to a German Beer Hall?

The open spaces that surround Berlin’s top attractions and historical sites make for an excellent opportunity for kids to explore Berlin in their own ways as we got a glimpse into the not too distant past. A few of our favourite attractions in Berlin we recommend are described below.

Berlin Zoo

Berlin Zoo was a great break for us as its size coupled with its layout made it a nice relaxing day where all three of our children could have some space and unique opportunities. The food we had at lunch was also at a reasonable price for a tourist attraction. There are also a couple of very big play structure areas where our 8 year old could blow off some steam as the twins napped.


This was a big hit with both parents and young ones alike. While the parents were able to get a true sense of history and learn about life on both sides of the iron curtain, the two year olds found more than enough space to roam and experience some open space. Even our eight year old was fascinated with the story of the 20th century and why Germans were a people divided.

Historical Memorials

The historical significance of Berlin during the first half of the twentieth century was also an important lesson my eight year old gained in Berlin. Whether it was different memorial such as the Memorial to the Murdered Jews, the Memorial to the Sinti and Roma, or the random stumbling blocks indicating places where people had been seized by the government, they were all quite moving.


A reminder for those who wish to visit that in Germany, most businesses are closed on Sunday, so don’t find yourself short on diapers like we did in Munich. Visiting Munich with Kids

The Rundown

For an eclectic family getaway that will teach everyone something about the not so distant past, take in all that Berlin has to offer. We had always heard that the further South you travelled in Europe the more accepting the people would be in of Children, but Berlin is a young city with young families, and we have not found one more accepting of our travels with our kids anywhere.img_2433

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