Year in Review and Exciting Plans for 2017

In a few hours we will be ringing in the New Year in London and leaving 2016 behind. This was a very successful year in travel for our family and I have tremendously enjoyed sharing our adventures with everyone. Here is a rundown of some of our highlights of the year and some of our more popular posts in case you missed them.

Spoiler alert! If you find your way to end of this blog, we will also reveal our travel plans for 2017 and some news that will also open up many new and different travel opportunities for the next few years.  

RomeFebruary saw us in Rome, and I could not recommend it more as a family destination. One of my greatest travel moments was when our son emerged from the metro in the shadow of the Colosseum and was blown away.


April saw us touring Athens and the Peloponnese. For anyone thinking the Greek Islands are the only place to go for a Greek holiday, think again. The Peloponnese was a wonderful area to tour and offered plenty of sunshine and glimpses of the past. A Postcard From the Mani Peninsula.


July saw a short trip to the Normandy region and to Paris for a quick tour to hit the Eiffel Tower and Versailles, two sites we had missed during past trips. Even though terrorism scarred France this year, Paris remains our favourite city in the world.

If you are interested in our view on terrorism and travel, check out our most read article of the year.  Is it safe to travel with kids?


While few imagine Britain as a beach destination, Brighton was a great few days, even if the weather was not always ideal. We braved the cold water for a bit, rode the rides, and spent hours playing carnival games. Brighton: A British Beach Bargain.


Getting out of London is important for staying in touch with reality. If you want to see a stone circle that is not as commercial as Stonehenge, and one with a pub in the centre, Avebury is a great family day out. Avebury and the Beauty of Visiting Lesser-Known Sites


Germany in October was at times wonderful but at other times a struggle. It was definitely our most challenging trip yet and a great example of the downfalls of travelling during shoulder/off seasons as weather caused some headaches for as along the way. On the bright side, Germany is full of beer halls that are open no matter what the weather is outside. Find our more about the family trip to the beer hall!


Our home away from home has provided us with all sorts of great days out as a family this year and I am certain this will continue in 2017. It is a wonderful city with endless opportunities for family fun.

2017 and Beyond

Early 2017 will see us exploring more of the United Kingdom including Southern Wales, Cardiff, and Southwest England. There is also a yet unscheduled trip to Naples and Pompeii in the works. The most exciting news will see the grownups around here get a solo holiday in April for the first time in five years(!), as we venture into Africa for the first time for a tour of Morocco. Once some warmer weather arrives we will be heading to Northern Wales for castle exploration and hiking in the mountains and caves.

Last but certainly not least, it appears that our time living abroad from Canada will end a year earlier that expected with a probable relocation to Halifax on Canada’s Atlantic coast in the summer of 2017. While it is not what we were hoping for, the great thing about relocating for work is that it allows you to explore new corners of the world. We are already looking forward to visiting Newfoundland and Prince Edward Island, both firsts for me. We are also looking at a possible extended trip of 3-4 weeks throughout the Eastern United States covering Maine to Florida and everywhere in between during the summer of 2018.

If you enjoyed following us this year, check us out on FacebookTwitterPinterest, and Instagram as we continue our adventures. In the archives you will also find more stories of our travels along with tips and tricks to help navigate traveling with kids and babies. 

Happy and safe travels and a prosperous 2017 to all.

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