Is Your Family Theft-Proof While Travelling?

Scam artists, pickpockets, and thieves are all targeting your family during your holiday. How can you protect yourself?


Breaking Down Walls: Why You Need to Travel With Your Kids

People, it is all about people. It is in the interactions with people that we have gained our greatest souvenirs.

Foto Friday: The Roman Forum

The Forum in Rome exists in the shadow of the more famous Colosseum, but the former marketplace is a wonderous place to wander on a sunny day, as Romans have for more than two millennia. Rome can also be a wonderful getaway to escape grey skies during the winter. Happy and safe travels. 

A Barcelona City Break With Kids

The food and eclectic architecture of Barcelona were like stepping into a new world, and the kindness of the people made it a fantastic city break.

Why I am a Guidebook Convert

There was a time in my life when I shunned buying guidebooks but now I offer a few reasons why you shouldn’t be afraid to spend a few bucks to improve your overall travel experience.

L’Aquarium de Barcelona

When kids have had thier fill of architecture, museums, and experimenting with new foods, sometimes you need to do something just for them. Aquariums always offer a refuge for kids looking for a little fun and during our recent visit, L’Aquarium de Barcelona definitely didn’t disappoint. Follow our family adventures on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram. Happy and safe…

Jamon in Barcelona

La boqueria is a lively place to head in Barcelona for a few bites of tasty local specialities. Jamon, café con leche, and colourful local fruits are bountiful. It can be a little bit touristy as well but it is a great local market experience in the middle of the busy city.

El Cap de Barcelona

El Cap de Barcelona is a surrealist sculpture created by Roy Lichtenstein for the 1992 Summer Olympics in Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain.  We are currently having another adventure, this time in Barcelona, and will have plenty of coverage of our latest journey soon.

London: City of Contrasts

This photo perfectly embodies the essence of London for me. Constant renewal mixed with a strong sense of history. London is a magnificent city to visit with kids where they can both learn about the past and experience exciting modern attractions as well. For an idea of a relaxing day to recharge during your holiday…

Rookie Travel Mistakes We Won’t Make Again

All of these common mistakes we made cost us money, time, frustration or a combination thereof. Hopefully you can learn from our mistakes and save time, money, and a little bit of sanity.