7 Reasons to Visit Canada in 2017

Canada is the buzz of the travel industry as we head into 2017, and with good reason. Amongst other accolades, Lonely Planet recently named it as the top travel destination of 2017. It is remarkably family friendly and has many more things to offer than there is space for in this artcle.

Something for Everyone

Canada is a cultural mosaic and it’s sheer size lends itself to being a diverse set of experiences. Travelling to the very European-esque Quebec will yield different experiences than to the trendiness of Vancouver or to Canada’s biggest city and economic hub Toronto.

Anytime is a Great Time

Canada has distinct seasons and each one has something to offer. Summers are warm and beautiful and outdoor festivals are embraced from coast to coast. Winter offers world class winter sport facilities and is embraced by many of the residents, though some choose virtual hibernation as it can be cold and snowy. Spring and autumn offer pleasant weather and are generally dry and sunny compared to Northern Europe during these periods.

It’s Canada’s 150th Birthday

While there have been European settlers for hundreds of years and indigenous residents for thousands of years, Canada as a country will turn 150 this year and celebrations will be plentiful particularly surrounding Canada Day, 1 July.

Untold History

Speaking of Canada’s indigenous peoples, no matter where you visit, you will never be far away from exhibits, museums, and cultural sites that explore a history most people were not taught in school. One of our favourites, Wendake just outside Quebec City, is shown above and more info can be found here. Wendake Tourism.

Spending Power

moneyWith Canada’s relatively weak dollar, European and American visitors will find it very affordable. If that wasn’t enough, Parks Canada is offering free admission to hundreds of historic sites and National Parks in honour of Canada’s 150th.

Stunning Landscapes


The great plains of the west, the Rocky Mountains, Niagara Falls, or the natural rolling hills of the Maritimes all offer a vastly different landscapes. All of these have beauty in any season and offer sightseers and photographers alike opportunities to witness the, at times, untamed natural wonders of Canada.

The People

img_0094Not only are Canadians notoriously friendly to a fault, they are also among the hippest on the planet! Canadians are funny, engaging, and always ready to help someone find their way or help them find the best in local restaurants or shops. No matter where you go or what you do in Canada, the people you meet will be what leaves the biggest impression.

For a free Canadian travel planning guide from Lonely Planet, click right here!

Happy and safe travels.

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