Ikea Upptacka Luggage Review

Normally the only enjoyable thing for me about a trip to Ikea is that I usually get Swedish meatballs for lunch. That being said, we recently headed to Ikea to pick up a few things and since I was looking to replace one of our carry-on bags I decided to check out some luggage and here is what I found.


The dimensions of Ryanair’s cabin baggage allowance, whose restriction I believe is the smallest I have encountered, is 55cm*40cm*20cm. To avoid fees of checking baggage we prefer to use only cabin baggage. We also would prefer hard shell luggage over soft for the durability and protection it offers, though this is not a necessity.

Hard Shell Luggage

The hard shell portion of Upptacka series consists of a cabin bag, a larger suitcase, and a brief case. Overall they seemed to be well made and of high quality materials for the price point they come in at. They were easy to roll and had a seemingly durable handle. The brief case for family travel purposes is unnecessary and the larger suitcase would not fit our requirement to fit as cabin baggage. The piece called a cabin bag would fit all our requirements but we found it slightly small at 50cm*40cm*20cm. Though 5cm may not seem like a big difference, this coupled with inflexible sides may cause it to be too small.

Soft Shell Cabin Bag

Another member of the Upptacka family is a soft shell cabin bag that has dimensions of 56cm*40cm*20cm. While this has the extra space, and is affordable at £14.99, it simply doesn’t appear to offer the durability we are looking for. We travelled for approximately 8 weeks during 2016 and this bag just doesn’t appear to be built to last.

Rolling Back Pack

The Upptacka rolling back pack with detachable day bag is again well made but the measurements do not fit the requirements for Ryanair. Theoretically you could zip off the detachable day bag and make it fit the dimensions for cabin baggage, but I usually have a baby on my back thus making another backpack impossible to carry. The other problem I had with this bag was that they day bag portion was not particularly attractive in my opinion, nor did it seem comfortable enough to wear around all day.

There is also a rolling duffle bag in the Upptacka series that was well outside the dimensions of a cabin bag. It appeared to be of quality construction but was not what we were looking for.

The Rundown

The Upptacka Cabin Bag is currently on a “maybe” list but we would much prefer a bag that is closer to the maximum size allowed on budget airlines. The series as a whole could be improved by putting 4 wheels on the baggage rather than 2, but this is not really a big deal for me personally. If we are unable to find another bag more in-line of what we want, we will definitely reconsider it as the series in general offers reasonable quality at a reasonable price. At £40 for Ikea Family members, the cabin bag should certainly be considered for those looking for a good value cabin bag.

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Happy and safe travels.

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