Breaking Down Walls: Why You Need to Travel With Your Kids

Waking up to the news of a mosque shooting in my former home of Quebec, only blocks from where my twins were born was horrific. It was also a weekend of protests surrounding American political action banning visitors from seven predominantly Muslim states. The world seems to be increasingly afraid of those who are different. Today did not seem like a day where it was important to produce a blog about travel tips with babies etc. Instead, I wrote about why we travel, and included some candid, far from perfect, unedited photos of people we have met along the way.

People, it is all about the people.

We have relocated several times, over two different continents, travelled more than most, and what always stands out are the people. This is the perspective we have gained through a lifetime of travelling, and a perspective we hope to teach our children.

When we travel to far away lands, or even different cities a couple hours away, and meet people, we learn not only about their culture, but their struggles and concerns. Breaking through barriers and discovering what truly lays beyond allows for a greater perspective on humanity as a whole.

Break out of your comfort zone, don’t be afraid of others, treat them with respect, listen to them, and you may just discover we are all more alike than you think.

Travel can be viewed, at times, by some as self indulgent or a hobby only for the wealthy, but the truest experiences cost nothing. Perhaps it is because we are not wealthy, it is in the interactions with people that we have gained our greatest souvenirs.

Safe and happy travels.

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  1. MissLilly says:

    I love to travel and meet new people so really looking forward to start travelling with my little one


    1. Sometimes it’s great, other times it’s tough, but overall it is really rewarding.


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