And Furthermore…A Budapest Update

An update on the possibility of a trip to Budapest, and maybe a little more…


An Evocative Visit to Tintern Abbey

Our family’s wonderful day out scrambling amongst the evocative ruins of Tintern Abbey in Southern Wales.

A Postcard From the Mani Peninsula

Originally posted on Imps and Ramblers:
The Mani Peninsula is a land of rugged mountains, beautiful seascape views, and villages with names that appear in the oldest annals of Greek mythology. It is a land where the past intersects with modern life but retains a certain feel of mystery and doubt. It is the type…

Cardiff Castle

Originally Cardiff Castle was built by Norman invaders in the 11th century. It is a classic example of a motte and bailey style castle built upon an ancient Roman fort. A great place to visit as a family even on a cold, gloomy February morning. Happy and safe travels.

Foto Friday: Tintern Abbey

Walking around Tintern Abbey in Southern Wales is like a trip though time. The abbey which has been uninhabited since the 16th century is a wonderous historic site where one can scamper over the ruins and get lost in the moment. For more about our visit…you know what to do. An Evocative Visit to Tintern Abbey Happy…

Longing for Sunshine

With snowflakes falling here today in the UK, I have been daydreaming of warmer, sunnier days.  This photo was after a very long, hot day visiting Versailles last summer and all the kids were tired, but no break was in sight for dad. It was definitely a memorable, and tiring, trek back to the train…