Monday Musing on Last Minute Travel Planning Mistakes

Monday is not a day I typically post a blog but today I am inspired to talk about last minute travel planning and making mistakes I would not normally make. In the heat of the moment, I am sure we have all made mistakes and hopefully this will spark discussion in the comments so we can all learn from others mistakes.

The last few days we have been getting the travel bug again, after all it was three whole weeks ago we took a city break in Barcelona. (A Barcelona City Break With Kids) We were hoping to take advantage of our son’s half term and take a cheap trip somewhere. After discussion we finally decided last night on a car trip rather than flying, and to visit Cardiff, Wales.

It was at that point my planning adrenaline kicked in, and in the rush to secure accommodations, I accidentally booked a non-refundable room on the wrong dates. Then after speaking with the guesthouse, in order to weasel my way out of the cancelation fee, I discovered while I was booking the wrong dates, someone else secured the room we needed. I later found accommodations in a different apartment, that was unfortunately more expensive, and booked it.

Through all of this, I neglected to remember that since it was half term we may have had a difficult time finding kennel space for our dog. Fortunately, we secured kennel space this morning, but it could have easily turned into a pain in the rear for the rest of the week trying to find one.

Needless to say it was a frustrating 24 hours that could have gotten much worse if we were unable to find a kennel.

All now appears on track for a road trip to South Wales and Cardiff next week, despite my best efforts, so you can anticipate lots of tips and review about Southern Wales in coming weeks. I need to thank Lonely Planet for helping me find a hopefully, awesome apartment on short notice.

For discussion in the comments, what planning mistakes stand out in your mind that you have made in the heat of the moment when planning last minute travels? I am sure there are some costly mistakes that have been made we can all learn from.

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Happy and safe travels.

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  1. Shal says:

    A huge mistake I made was not double checking my baggage allowance on a domestic flight from The Netherlands to The UK… ended up paying a whole lot for the extra baggage! Great post! x


    1. Thanks! Baggage fees are the worst. A heard from someone now TAP Portugal is weighing every carry-on bag to make sure it’s under 8kg. I have never seen a carry-on weighed ever, and they are weighing every one!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Shal says:

        That’d crazy! Ryanair literally counts the number of bags you walk on the plane with!


      2. I think that is fair, it’s the policy. I think Ryanair has gotten better over time, not as strict as before. Weighing every carry-on though seems a bit much. The person who told me was at 8.07kg and TAP wanted him to pay so huge fee for the 0.07kg over. He took all his socks out and stuffed them in jacket pockets to make weight. 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

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