What Does My Son Think of Travel?

During a few quiet moments recently, I spoke to my eight year old son about the travelling we have done in the last year in order to gain a better insight into where we should go next and what he enjoys the most. He is 8, and as such, some answers were insightful, others not so much. img_1826

What do like most about travelling? Seeing sites like zoo’s and aquariums and just going to new places.

Do you like flying and what do you like most about it? I like flying and the feeling when the plane takes off is really, really, really, cool.

What don’t you like about flying? Nothing.

Do you like car trips? Yes.

What do you like about car trips? Not having to listen to strangers conversations like in airports.

What don’t you like about car trips? Stepping outside to go pee on the side of the road and being car sick.

Do you prefer staying in hotels or rental apartments? Hotels because sometimes there is a pool.

What is your favourite place you’ve visited so far? Brighton (UK) because it was nice and sunny and I had a lot of fun playing games on the pier.

What is your least favourite place we have visited? British Museum because it was so crowded and busy.

What is your favourite country you’ve visited? Wales (We just got back from Wales so it was reoccurring in our interview. He choose France as second after some discussion.)

What is your favourite Museum? Wales (National Museum Cardiff, again we just got back so it was fresh in his memory but I you ask me, it was the Louvre because of the Mona Lisa, though we had to tear him away from the Vatican Museum as well.)

What is your favourite place that was just for kids? Legoland.

Where do you want to go again? Brighton (no surprise since he asks about once a week to go back) also Italy because we had pizza and gelato almost every day.

Where did you like the food the most? Greece because I loved the squid we had there.

Where did you like the food the least? Barcelona (no justification offered…not too sure why).

What is one place you’ll never forget? The Eiffel Tower because we went up so high and saw the whole city.

Where did you learn the most? Greece

Where do you really want to go that you haven’t been? Just new places, nowhere in particular.

Some of what I learned was a surprise, like his enjoyment of Greek food, other stuff I could have easily guessed. Through talking with your family, you to can better plan travels that everyone will enjoy.

Happy and safe travels!

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  1. Hi! How would you feel if I asked my 6 year old the same questions as you have asked and then posted her replies with links to your original I’ve seen people ask their kids every year … i hadn’t got around to it yet, but when i saw your post i thought they were pretty good questions.


    1. I don’t mind…go for it! Can’t wait to read the responses.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. don’t hold your breath… i’m sporadic at blogging!


  2. Our kids are only 2 and 0, so too young to ask these questions, but it seems he is genuinely content with all the traveling. Do you have a home base or do you travel constantly? If so, does your son misses having friends? I’m just wondering 🙂


    1. Our eldest generally enjoys travelling and seeing new things. The other two are only 2 so don’t really have an opinion. Due to work, we relocate every 2-3 years. It is very difficult for him to leave his friends behind, but still has social interactions with other kids his age and develops new friendships. I think it would definitely be challenging if we were home schooling without a consistent base to get him practice forming friendships and relationships during childhood so I am not sure we could be constantly travelling without a home base.


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