How to be a Terrible Traveller 

After spending two hours on a tour with a terrible traveller, I share some lessons I learned from him on what not to do while travelling.


Museum of London: Review and Highlights for Kids

The Museum of London is a place that we had kept delaying and shrugging off visiting for quite some time. After finally visiting, I wish we had gone sooner. The Museum of London is the best place in the city to trace history from prehistoric times, through the Roman Empire, Saxons, Vikings, Tutors, and right…

Visiting the Louvre with Kids

Many people are intimidated by the thought of taking young children to museums; we think nothing of it. We feel that teaching our kids about art makes them more well-rounded individuals.

A Trip to The Alps That Could Have Gone Better

One has not truly lived, until they have found themselves on the side of the road in Austria, in the pouring rain, performing triage on clothing and trying to clean and deodorize the inside of a rental car.

Monday Musings: Souvenirs

Lately I find myself more and more wanting to collect souvenirs from my journeys but I am struggling to determine what would be appropriate souvenirs from my travels.

Foto Friday: Packing Preview

A preview of some photos from our upcoming packing list blog for travelling with kids. (AKA How a family of five can travel with only two carry on bags.)

Nafplio:My Favourite Place on Earth (So Far)

Looking out over the Argolic Gulf from the once mighty Palamidi Fortress, one wonders why so many people travel to the Greek Islands, yet in comparison so few travel to the Peloponnese.