Foto Friday: Packing Preview

When I tell people that our family of five went to Greece last year for two and a half weeks with only two carry-on bags, no one ever believes me. This week I haven’t had much time and didn’t get any blogs out, but part of the reason for that is that I finally took a couple hours to prep and photograph our packing process. During that time I also did some weight analysis since we need to pack for an 8kg limit in a couple weeks.

Next week I will finish and post how we pack along with some guidelines about what to take with you, what to leave at home, what you don’t need, and what to buy when you get there. Also in the near future, reviews of a couple different affordable carry-on bags, and how to pack to make an 8kg limit.
Until then, have a great weekend, and happy and safe travels.

Update: The full blog is up and you can reach it by the link below.

Packing for Family Travel (AKA How a Family of 5 Packed For 17 Days in Greece in 2 Carry-On’s)


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