Monday Musings: Souvenirs

I have never been one to bring back souvenirs or keepsakes from trips. The inspiration for today’s blog was the recent failure of a key chain that has been with me for 18 years, I think that’s how long it has been give or take a year. It is a poker chip keychain I brought back from my first visit to Las Vegas. I’ve had it so long, it had very little meaning for me day to day, it was just a functional device that I never really thought about. In the last few days, as I’ve thought about it more, it has brought back memories of my younger days and visiting Las Vegas a few times for a few days of fun in the sun.

A keychain that has seen better days.
A souvenir village.

When we travel now, we do so very light, with very little luggage or room to bring home souvenirs. We allow our eight year old one souvenir from each country or significant place we visit and he is getting a very nice modest collection on his shelf. He also has several keychains hanging from the zippers on his school bag.

My wife has collected spoons since long before I met her. It works well as a collection as spoons take up very little room as well. We have so many spoons, now they are piling  up if they don’t quite fit in the spoon racks we have.

Autumn in Berlin as a family.

We also just received our first print we had made of our travel photos and think that we will get more created in the future. Perhaps these prints can by my souvenirs?

Lately I find myself more and more wanting to collect souvenirs from my journeys but I am struggling to determine what would be appropriate souvenirs from my travels.

Any suggestions? Do you collect souvenirs from your travels? If so why and if not, why not?

Please discuss in the comments below.

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  1. We have a collection that started as a game but has become an obsession and quite stressful if we don’t get! Maybe I’ll write a post about it too!

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  2. Do it, I’ll read it!


  3. Wearable souvenirs are our favourites – clothes, hats, scarves. Yes, they aren’t forever but we reason that by the time the t-shirt is unwearable it’s probably time to go back and get another one! Our well travelled and well meaning relatives bring things back from their trips and, having no attachment to them because I’ve never seen the original, we have trouble placing them so they’re mostly in a cupboard only to be found again when we move. Again, that’s why clothes are my favourite – every so often I pull out my baseball cap (or umbrella, or hoodie…) and it takes me back to the day I got it.

    It used to be shot glasses… which were quite handy before kids!

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    1. Thanks for the feedback! Those are some good points and advice thanks for sharing.


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