Terrorism and Travel in London

FullSizeRender.jpgFollowing yesterday’s terrorist attack in London, one must ask themselves, should I continue to travel, particularly with kids, to the capital of the U.K.? While I do not purport to be the foremost expert on international terrorism, I do know a few things about geopolitics, international relations, and international security. Terrorism, under many guises, has been occurring for centuries and will continue to happen for the foreseeable future. So should you stop travelling to London, or anywhere else in Europe for that matter?

The short answer, while you may have individual concerns that may complicate your decisions, is no, you should not. You should also not be afraid to take your kids abroad. The experiences you reap will far outweigh the minimal risks from terrorism related attacks. To read more about the odds of being involved in a terrorist attack, as opposed to dying in a car crash or winning the lottery, click here Paris, Brussels, and Turkey: Is it Safe to Travel With Kids?.

London Eye
And to read more about why travelling with kids is important, and helps us better understand others and the world in which we live, click here Breaking Down Walls: Why You Need to Travel With Your Kids.

While planning any travel abroad, I also recommend checking out travel.gc.ca in Canada, state.gov/travel in the U.S., or gov.uk/foreign-travel-advice in the U.K., before making any concrete plans to ensure you are comfortable with the risks that may be involved. These are also excellent resources to find out about entry requirements, vaccinations, and cultural concerns for particular destinations.

Lastly, I will leave you with some photos from our experiences in London, to further inspire you to visit this wonderful, and safe, city.

Riding the London Eye

Family Natural History Museum
Museum of Natural History

Canal Boats

The South Bank

Tower of London

Tower Bridge
Happy and safe travels.


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  1. Excellent post, I definitely agree. I’ve been asked before if I’m scared of living and working in London because of the terror threat, but the answer is always no. I won’t let cowardly acts by a few individuals stop me from enjoying such an amazing and beautiful city! Or travelling to other cities too for that matter.

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    1. London in my experience is one of the safest big cities I have ever visited or lived in and the acts of a minuscule minority won’t change that view. Cheers.


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