Foto Friday: El Badi Palace

If there is one thing we can all agree on in our family, it is that climbing around some ancient ruins always makes for an enjoyable and educational experience.


Feeding Hungry Kids, Babies, and Parents While Travelling: Lunch

In fact, my wife and I once had bread, meat, and some exceptionally stinky cheese in our exceptionally small hotel in Paris and it was one of the best meals we have ever eaten. (note: I highly suggest not keep stinky cheeses in confined spaces. The room was a little ripe by the end of that week.)

Monday Musing: Is It Really the Happiest Place on Earth?

At some point going to one of the mouse’s destinations became a childhood right. If one didn’t get to go “before it loses it’s magic” they had been deprived of the greatest joy of childhood. As a parent failing to take your kids was akin to the greatest acts of cruelty that a parent could inflict on a child.

Cabin Max Manhattan Luggage Review

The Cabin Max Manhattan is a mid-priced, carry-on sized, roller backpack style, piece of luggage. It is for widely available for purchase through Amazon for £59.99GBP/$99.99US/$149.99CAN. It receives 4.5 stars as a rating on Amazon and the customer reviews are generally positive. Earlier this year, I was searching for a reasonably priced piece of hand…

Monday Musings: Layovers and Delays

The decision to hang out at the airport and make the best of it or venture out to adventure is a very personal on often complicated by extenuating circumstances. So I put it out there, what do you do during a lyover or delay? What factors go into your decision?