Monday Musings: Layovers and Delays

Welcome to May and another Monday Musings blog! It has been a while as we spent April travelling to Morocco as a couple, with my wife also travelling to the Amalfi Coast, and passing time with visiting family and helping them explore London. Monday Musings tend to be blogs that are less about travel tips and tricks and more about exploring views and opinions that I have and prompting reader input and discussion.

Recently I have been inspired to write this blog by a couple of different things I have seen and experienced. The first source of inspiration was a vlog by Casey Neistat where he spent a layover of a little over three hours in Amsterdam by venturing into the city and having a couple of experiences, including breaking his hand. (See Casey Neistat’s Amsterdam Vlog right here!) The other source of inspiration was some relatives, who upon arriving at Heathrow for a flight to Montreal, were informed that their flight was being significantly delayed and faced ten hours until they would depart and chose to stay at the airport and pass the time.

The decision of what to do in these situations is a very personal one and often tells you a lot about the person or group making the decision. It’s also very dependent on the exact circumstances of the situation. I am not going to say I necessarily agree or disagree with either decision as it is theirs to make, nor will I criticize anyone for the decision they would make.IMG_0055

In these cases, I would have probably have done the opposite, but that is not the point. What is more interesting to me is the thought process involved. We would not venture anywhere with only three hours because we are too risk averse and the effort involved when travelling with kids rather than alone are more than enough reasons not to try it for such a short period of time and such small reward.

Conversely, faced with ten hours in an airport, and given average circumstances, we likely would have ventured into London to do something for a few hours, even if only to break up airport monotony. Again I am not being critical (Hi, beloved family members ;)), because I totally understand why they would choose the way they did given the extenuating circumstances they were facing. If you read my blog about our worst travel day yet (A Trip to The Alps That Could Have Gone Better), we spent the last five our so hours at the Munich train station because we had just given up and did not have anymore adventure in us that day.

So I put it out there to you, the reader, faced with layovers or delays, what do you do and why?

Happy and safe travels.


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