Cabin Max Manhattan Luggage Review

The Cabin Max Manhattan is a mid-priced, carry-on sized, roller backpack style, piece of luggage. It is for widely available for purchase through Amazon for £59.99GBP/$99.99US/$149.99CAN. It receives 4.5 stars as a rating on Amazon and the customer reviews are generally positive.

Earlier this year, I was searching for a reasonably priced piece of hand luggage to replace a cheap roller bag that we had been using for two years. At the time I had the idea that a combination backpack/roller bag was the most versatile piece of luggage I could invest in for various travel needs moving forward.


It arrived well packed, in a tight fitting box, and sealed in plastic. There were no visible rips in the inner plastic wrapping nor were there any marks on the box. Overall the packaging was well done and the bag arrived in immaculate condition.


The bag measures 55cm*40cm*20cm and has a listed weight of 2.9kg. The measurements are accurate, though when I really tried to stuff the bag, it measured thicker than advertised. Using my luggage scale it weighed 2.7kg though I am not willing to say that my cheap scale is always 100% accurate. There are plenty of storage pockets both internally and on the outside. It is equipped with chunky, durable looking wheels and backpack straps of reasonable quality for the price.  The handle does not seem as durable as one would like, but at that price point, it is not terrible.


I am not one to be too particular with regards to appearance of something like luggage when also considering usability, price, and durability. Online imagery is accurate however, in person, it is not the most attractive bag one could find. The florescent yellow piping will certainly stand out on a baggage carrousel, but will not win you any style points if you are travelling for business or trying to present a professional image. If the interior was black or grey, it probably would also improve the overall appearance of the bag.


This type of bag is meant to be a jack of all trades yet master of none. Ultimately, if you want to use it primarily as a back pack, you will likely be disappointed as it offers minimal back support and is not that comfortable. Conversely, while the wheels seem very durable, I have questions about the durability of the handle.

The Rundown

Ultimately I returned the bag as it was not as comfortable as I had hoped in it’s backpack mode. I also concluded, that while versatile, I would prefer to have a better roller bag as that is how I would most often be using it. If I travel somewhere in the future where I ultimately believe that a roller bag is completely inappropriate, I will invest in a high quality and durable backpack.

My final recommendation is to pick either a roller bag or a backpack, but if you have your heart set on a combination, for the price, this is a reasonable choice which will likely serve you well for years.

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