Relocating Abroad Again: We Are Now Ex-Ex-Pats

If the regular readers of this blog have been wondering what we have been up to the last few months, we moved to Halifax, Canada, and that took up the vast majority of our time and energy. (We also squeezed in one last European adventure touring Budapest, the Danube, and included a side trip to Vienna.)

Moving for work can be challenging and always seems to bring new adventures. This move was not a surprise yet it was not entirely what we wanted either. We were originally to be in the U.K. for three years and in our hearts would have prefered to stay the full three years, rather we headed back to Canada after only two.

As travellers, our two years abroad gave us an opportunity to see vast amounts of Europe in a relatively short time. Our desire to do so also forced us to find ways to do so with infants, toddlers, and kids. When we relocated to the UK, our twins were nine months old and our eldest was seven. Now, back to Canada we visited ten different countries whilst we were abroad.

Until we relocated to Europe, we tended to drop the kids of and the Grandparents for vacation. Now we recognize that while it's important for a couple to have time away from their kids, families can also travel the world together and enjoy it.

Where will this blog go? We shall see but we are not going to stop being adventurous just because we are moving back to Canada, it just means that our destinations, and means of travel will likely change. I still have a lot of content from our European adventures, I still haven't properly told our readers about our trip to Morocco, plus all the trouble we will get into over the coming months on Canada's East coast. We just got an annual family pass to Nova Scotia's museums and I for one I am giddy with the prospect of day trips and long weekends exploring the province. (We started today in the Natural History Museum!)

We enjoyed our time abroad and hope to live abroad again in a few years. If you want to read more about our move to the U.K., Check out the story of our twins first flight.Have you or would you consider a move abroad with young children? We'd love to read your stories in the comments below.


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  1. It’s so hard moving back, isn’t it? We loved our two years in France and were a bit sad to be leaving (it was also a bit unexpected for us as well). Hopefully we’ll make it back to Europe again someday!


    1. My employer had a program which offered readjustment advice and we thought it was crazy that someone would need help going “home” but it has been quite a culture shock.

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      1. I totally agree! You don’t realize all your home country’s quirks until you’ve been gone for awhile. Our youngest spent the majority of her life in France and was scared of the oddest things when we got home (big cars, ceiling fans, etc.). Good luck adjusting!


  2. We are now ex expats too – looking forward to hearing about your Canadian adventure #fearlessfamtrav


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