About Us

At the time of starting this blog (June 2016), we are a family of five composed of a mom, dad, 8 year old boy, and twin 20 month old toddlers. Partcularly in the last 20 months, we have discovered that there is not a lot of realistic advice out there for traveling with young children and I am starting this blog to try and pass on some things we have learned along the way. When our twins were 9 months old we relocated to the United Kingdom from Canada for work and my kids have already earned passport stamps in the UK, France, Italy, and Greece…not bad for 11 months!

Update: a little over a year later and we are back in Canada. We managed to get to 10 different countries in Europe as well as Morocco during our lives as ex-pats. Now that we are living on Canada’s East coast we will have an opportunity to explore natural wonders, nearly abandoned fishing villages, local museums, and countless festivals.
Family Pic at Hampton


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  1. Love your blog…just to let you know I nominated you for a mystery blogger award 🥇



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