Budapest, Hungary: Visiting With Kids

During our two years of living in Europe, Hungary was the tenth country we visited. By no means is that a representation of how we felt about our time in Budapest.


Visiting the York Redoubt

Canadians are notorious for being uninformed about our own history. One way to combat this and to spark an interest in learning about our past is to get kids out experiencing it first hand.

Monday Musings: Layovers and Delays

The decision to hang out at the airport and make the best of it or venture out to adventure is a very personal on often complicated by extenuating circumstances. So I put it out there, what do you do during a lyover or delay? What factors go into your decision?

Visiting the Louvre with Kids

Many people are intimidated by the thought of taking young children to museums; we think nothing of it. We feel that teaching our kids about art makes them more well-rounded individuals.