A Trip to The Alps That Could Have Gone Better

One has not truly lived, until they have found themselves on the side of the road in Austria, in the pouring rain, performing triage on clothing and trying to clean and deodorize the inside of a rental car.

Monday Musings: Souvenirs

Lately I find myself more and more wanting to collect souvenirs from my journeys but I am struggling to determine what would be appropriate souvenirs from my travels.

Foto Friday: Packing Preview

A preview of some photos from our upcoming packing list blog for travelling with kids. (AKA How a family of five can travel with only two carry on bags.)

Nafplio:My Favourite Place on Earth (So Far)

Looking out over the Argolic Gulf from the once mighty Palamidi Fortress, one wonders why so many people travel to the Greek Islands, yet in comparison so few travel to the Peloponnese.

A Postcard From the Mani Peninsula

Originally posted on Imps and Ramblers:
The Mani Peninsula is a land of rugged mountains, beautiful seascape views, and villages with names that appear in the oldest annals of Greek mythology. It is a land where the past intersects with modern life but retains a certain feel of mystery and doubt. It is the type…