An Irreverent Guide to Writing a Family Travel Blog

Last week I posted article number 100 to my blog and over those 100 posts, I have learned a few lessons. Now onto a completely irreverent and sarcastic look at how to write a family travel blog. Travel, Travel, Travel The internet will have you believe that your blog will be a success but only…

Foto Friday: Prost!

Oktoberfest kicks of this weekend in Munich and if you are visiting this year…Prost!

A Munich City Break With Kids

Originally posted on Imps and Ramblers:
Munich is the heart and capital of Bavaria. When North American’s think of Germany, there is a good chance the images in their head are of Bavaria. Following the Second World War, German communities were given the choice to either rebuild in a traditional style or make a move…

Tourist Scams in Marrakech

Arming yourself with knowledge and making yourself a hard target is half the battle. Now go and enjoy everything Marrakech has to offer!

Should You Take Your Kids to a German Beer Hall?

Originally posted on Imps and Ramblers:
The further you stray from North America, the more you will discover far different views of alcohol consumption around children. In Germany specifically, beer gardens and beer halls are woven into the culture of the region. While I would not necessarily suggest taking your young children to Oktoberfest, because…

Danube Bend Tour Review

Thinking about one of the top rated day trips from Budapest on Expedia? It had been a long time since I had taken an excursion or group tour, and after this one, it will be a while before I take another.

Visiting the York Redoubt

Canadians are notorious for being uninformed about our own history. One way to combat this and to spark an interest in learning about our past is to get kids out experiencing it first hand.

Foto Friday: El Badi Palace

If there is one thing we can all agree on in our family, it is that climbing around some ancient ruins always makes for an enjoyable and educational experience.