Foto Friday: Christmas Markets

As we move closer to the holiday season, Christmas markets are a great place to get out and explore local culture. Are you planning a trip to a Christmas market this year? Do you have a favourite Christmas market memory? Let us know in the comments. Advertisements

The Berlin Wall…In Nova Scotia?

Our quest all started with a rather ubiquitous line in our Lonely Plant Guide, “Near an overlooked chunk of the Belin Wall, Nellie’s Takeout is a local favourite.” Until that moment, I hadn’t even considered there might be pieces of the Anti-Fascist Protective Barrier in my new home for now, Nova Scotia. I immediately used…

Family Road Trip to Lunenburg

I once saw a tweet from some travel blogger asking about people visiting UNESCO world heritage sites. At the time, I thought it an odd question. Whilst I was certain we had visited lots, and upon review we had, we had never intentionally travelled somewhere because it was a world heritage site. The closest we…

Halifax’s Worst Attraction for Families

We are a museum loving family but even we find one once in a while that is just a stinker. After being in Halifax, Nova Scotia for over 3 months, easily our worst experience yet was the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic. The Hype The Maritime Museum of the Atlantic is consistently rated online as…

Travel and Photography: A Perfect Match?

Since starting this blog, I have realized the importance of visual material along with the written word. Perhaps years ago, it would have been enough to simply craft an eloquent article and let the reader form their own vision in their head of what the writer is describing. That day is most certainly in the…

Vienna, Austria: A One Day Tour with Kids

When we are travelling with our kids, we tend to avoid moving city to city just for a night or two. We personally find it a little bit too much work. We always prefer to get in a couple day trips, such as our visit to Vienna, instead. Whilst we were visiting Budapest, we decided…

Budapest, Hungary: Visiting With Kids

During our two years of living in Europe, Hungary was the tenth country we visited. By no means is that a representation of how we felt about our time in Budapest.

Halifax, Canada: Exploring the Citadel with Kids

Inside the fortress are exhibits that trace the military history of Nova Scotia from the earliest settlers right through local soldiers involvement in the conflict in Afghanistan. Well laid out interactive exhibits provide visitors young and old a chance to learn about history in a hands-on environment.

Herschel Little America Review

I think the clerk at the store where I bought my Herschel Little America must have thought I was a bit eccentric. I walked in without any assistance and started tearing the paper and plastic used in the bag to help it keep it’s display shape out and stuffing my belongings into it.

An Irreverent Guide to Writing a Family Travel Blog

Last week I posted article number 100 to my blog and over those 100 posts, I have learned a few lessons. Now onto a completely irreverent and sarcastic look at how to write a family travel blog. Travel, Travel, Travel The internet will have you believe that your blog will be a success but only…

Foto Friday: Prost!

Oktoberfest kicks of this weekend in Munich and if you are visiting this year…Prost!

A Munich City Break With Kids

Originally posted on Imps and Ramblers:
Munich is the heart and capital of Bavaria. When North American’s think of Germany, there is a good chance the images in their head are of Bavaria. Following the Second World War, German communities were given the choice to either rebuild in a traditional style or make a move…